Bellarine Media is a local internet workshop living and working at Portarlington in the Bellarine Peninsula.

For us, country life is all about doing something you love and loving the life you lead. Following your passion, backing your dreams with practical steps. Knowing what’s real. Starting where you are with what you have. Improvising, inventing, defining, re-defining.

Getting re-acquainted. Finding the fun, instead of wishing the days away.

We’re two sea-changers escaped from city life and still finding that fun in country living and working with the web. Practical, patient and down to earth help. Experienced, and most of it hard-won, we’re not afraid to sweat a little. Where wordplay rules and the proof is in the doing, and gentle old fashioned values and personal service come naturally.

How Can We Help?

Offering a fully managed service or a crafted level of support that frees you to do what you do best – while we look after the myriad details of operating a successful web presence. Geared toward startups, independents, home/small biz and education, we help you get started quickly and support you through development, operations and maintenance – without a hefty price tag.Start The Conversation

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